Cal Poly Space Systems


We will fly a rocket to the edge of space and successfully recover it. With a close–knit, well–organized team of dedicated individuals, we can achieve our goals, and soar through the air, bolstered by the experience and expertise of our colleagues.

Who says the sky’s the limit … ?



Thursdays 18:00 PST Bonderson Project (Building 197 - Room 104) Weekly status and planning meetings (minutes).
* Meeting is currently at Tori's house at 17:30
Saturdays 12:00 PST Hangar - The Loft (Building 4) Group meeting where we gather and work on our projects in the lab. Join us if you are new!
* Not active during summer.



HM 6.1 60,000 ft 2013-2014 Bringing a fairly heavy payload to 60,000 feet altitude with a hybrid rocket.
HM 5.5 30,000 ft 2012-2013 Smaller scale version of the HM 6.1 to test injector, control system and grain.
CERT Program Tripoli Certification Quarterly Learn to build your own rocket and get certified by Tripoli.



  • Congrats to the AJAKS team on successfully launching their two stage test-bed rocket at October Skies 2011!
  • First launch of CPSS's HTPB-Nitrous hybrid engine rocket! On May 19, 2012, reaching an altitude of 12,500 ft.