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Caution Flammable Project 2008-2009


Mission Statement

We will fly a rocket to its limits to better understand the engineering that goes behind building that rocket.  This is possible thanks to a close–knit, well–organized team of people, not just students, who bring all kinds of expertise to the group.

Cal Poly Space Systems (CPSS) is a dynamic club based at California Polytechnic State University in San Luis Obispo, California. Originally conceived as an Aerospace Engineering club, CPSS now welcomes students and other volunteers from all majors, colleges, and backgrounds. As our projects grow more complex and sophisticated, we continue to expand our pool of resources in order to design, build, launch, and test to our limits. CPSS continually embraces Cal Poly’s “Learn by Doing” philosophy, and offers hands-on training in all areas of rocketry design including propulsion, structures, controls, and electronics.

2012-2014 Goals

The club gives members the chance to become certified through the Tripoli rocket organization. Designing and building certification rockets teaches members the manufacturing process of high powered amateur rockets. Thus members become familiar with how rockets work, how to build them, and use that knowledge to create more advanced club projects.

The following two years, Cal Poly Space Systems is focusing on securing a contract with Lockheed Martin. CPSS would like to inspire young engineers coming to Cal Poly to become involved in the hands on work offered by the club. The project with Lockheed will be the largest project ever attempted in the history of CPSS, opening the doors to designing and building sounding rockets.


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