CPSS Leadership 2012-2013

Club Officers

Quote from the leaders:

"One should not pursue goals that are easily achieved. One must develop an instinct for what one can just barely achieve through one's greatest efforts." ~Albert Einstein

"Do not pray for an easy life, pray for the strength to endure a difficult one." ~Bruce Lee

Joe Vanherweg - President

Joe Vanherweg is a fourth year Materials Engineering student, who really enjoys working with CPSS because of its hands on "Learn By Doing" atmosphere. He joined as a freshman while he was taking classes at Cuesta and immediately wanted to become more involved in club activities. A year ago he was admitted to Cal Poly and he became CPSS President this year. Before being President he was also Pyro Lead, so he has a lot of experience with rocket building. He has worked on the Mach rockets, on several iterations of the Hybrid Rocket and Motor project, Caution Mythical and is currently working on the Lockheed Martin Rocket project.

Allen Capatina - Vice President

Allen Capatina is a fourth year Aerospace Engineering student and he joined CPSS in 2009 during his freshman year. He has worked on several projects, including the Hybrid Motor in 2009-2010, Caution Mythical, and recently the AJAKS ESRA (Experimental Sounding Rocket Association) IREC (Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition) rocket for his Senior Project. Allen got his Cert 1 and 2 in 2010. He will be helping design and build the Lockheed Martin Rocket. When not doing engineering work for CPSS, Allen enjoys designing parts in SolidWorks, machining (manually and CNC), and working on his car.

Laura Hixson - Secretary

Laura is a second year Aerospace Engineering student. She joined as a freshman a year ago and has been helping the club ever since.

Jared Ruekberg - Treasurer

Jared is a third year Aerospace Engineering student.  He joined the club in 2009 and has been an active member ever since.  He received his level 1 certification in the spring of 2010.  Jared worked on the ESRA rocket project for most of 2012.  This year he plans to work on his Cert 2 while helping new members build Cert 1 rockets.  In his free time, Jared enjoys reading and playing video games.

Matt Houston - Public Relations

Matt is a fourth year Aerospace Engineering student and has been in CPSS since his freshman year. He currently has a Cert 1 and 2. He plans to do a cluster rocket for his Cert 3 this coming year as well as work on the controls aspect of the Lockheed Martin Rocket. As a Public Relations officer, his primary job is organizing club events and club-advertisement. His primary skills or interests pertaining to engineering largely lie in the fluid-dynamics fields.


Team Leads

 Jonathan Lilley - Structures Lead

Jonathan is a fourth year Mechanical Engineering student. He joined CPSS in 2009 and gained his Tripoli certification level 1 and level 2 in spring of 2010. More recently he has worked on the ESRA rocket. Other than rockets, Jonathan likes sci-fi in general, webcomics, and foxes.

Cory Karras - Electronics Lead

Cory is a fifth year Software Engineering student. He joined CPSS as a sophomore and has been part of the electronics team ever since. Throughout the years he has worked on the electronics going into the club's rockets and developing a custom flight board. When not doing club stuff Cory enjoys playing video games and watching anime

Shelby Boyd - Operations Lead

Shelby is a second year Materials Engineering student.  She joined as a freshman, and got her Cert 1 that same year.

Eric Baumgarten - Pyro Lead

Eric is a third year Mechanical Engineering student. He joined CPSS in January 2012 and has completed his Cert 1.

Tyler Beck - Junior Systems

Tyler is a fourth year Aerospace Engineering student and has been with CPSS for the last two years.

Steven Rieber - Equipment Tech

Steven is a third year Mechanical Engineering student.


Academic Advisor

Dianne DeTurris - Aerospace Engineering Department


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