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CPSS Launches Cluster Rocket
October 19, 2010

Cal Poly Space Systems launches its first successful cluster rocket. A concept rocket called "Wild Thing" launched this past weekend with three Aerotech H669 motors at "October Skies" hosted by Tripoli near Fresno, CA. All three motors fired simultaneously and flew the rocket to an altitude of 3025 feet. Parachute ejection was controlled by a PerfectFlite Minialt/WD flight board. A main chute was deployed at apogee and the rocket was recovered with little to no damage. This flight was used as a validation of concept to use cluster solid motors to propel a rocket to higher altitudes. The "Wild Thing" rocket was featured on the front page of the Mustang Daily. To view the article, click here.

CPSS Launches 2 Stage
November 7th, 2009

Cal Poly Space Systems launches it first successful 2 stage rocket! Kahn is back as “The Return of the Revenge of the Wrath of Kahn”. It flew on a J500G (booster) and a J350W (sustainer) reaching an altitude of about 3800 feet due to a slightly angled flight. Staging was provided by a G-Wiz LXC onboard flight computer which also triggered inertial apogee parachute ejection. The first stage used a PerfectFlite Minialt/WD for parachute ejection. Both stages were recovered successfully with no damage. This flight serves as a validation for multistage rockets within the club and will allow for further development of the club’s large scale dual stage rocket, “Caution: Flammable”.

CPSS would also like to thank Rob Briody and the G-Wiz partners for their generous donation of a G-Wiz LCX flight computer and USB Programming board. His donation effectively doubled the club’s access to inertial electronic recovery systems and has enabled more students to gain experience with electronics.

Other successful launches include Joshua Herrmann, Alan Ma, Joshua Van Schoyck, Alex Athougies, and Tyler Richier for his experience flight using electronics. Josh H., Alan, and Josh V hope to certify level 2 by the Dairy Aire rocket launch and Tyler and Alex hope to certify level 3.

CPSS Tests Remote Launch Platform

December 6th, 2003

On December 6th, Cal Poly Space Systems sucessfully launched a rocket from a remote platform suspended approximately 100ft above ground. This platform demonstrated the viability of CPSS's new launch system. While providing viability for this system, valuable launch data and launch dynamics were recorded. This first test will be used as a jump-off for a much higher, much more complex launch.

CPSS Proves Reusable Concept Behind RLVs
May 18th, 2003

On May 17th and 18th, Cal Poly Space Systems attended the 2003 Dairy Aire launch event in Fresno, California where we demonstrated the viability of small scale flight testing for the StarBooster RLV. In a span of 24 hours, the same vehicle was launched and recovered twice, emphasizing the concept of “reusable.” The rockets were outfitted with a data acquisition system which sent velocity, altitude, GPS coordinates, acceleration and roll rates in three axis, and flight path angles to the ground during flight. Click here to see the CSA press release.

CPSS Launches and Flies Back Two StarBoosters in a 3-Rocket Configuration
May 20th, 2002

Cal Poly Space Systems succesfully launched and recovered a three-rocket cluster with two glideback boosters and a centerstage on May 19, 2002. Click here to see the full press release.

CPSS Launches Double StarBooster Configuration
December 8, 2001

Cal Poly Space Systems entered the next testing phase of its StarBooster program by launching a dual-StarBooster configuration. The StarBooster is a reusable fly-back booster conceived by StarCraft Boosters, Inc. and designed to act as dual strap-on boosters to a separate center stage that would go on to orbit. Click here to see the full press release.

CPSS Successfully Flies 10-foot StarBooster Model
May 23, 2001

Cal Poly Space Systems successfully launched a 10-foot demonstration model of StarCraft Boosters, Inc.'s “StarBooster”, a next-generation reuseable launch vehicle, at "Dairy Aire 2001", an annual model rocket launch held at Maddox Farms southwest of Fresno, CA. The club is under contract with NASA to model this particular design. Click here to see the full press release.