ESRA Competition Rocket

Project Lead: Joshua Van Schoyck

Integration and Testing: Aliki Loper-Leddy

Analysis: Kevin Byrne

Design and Solid Modeling: Sam Bowman

Machining: Allen Capatina

Project Background

AJAKS is a two-stage rocket designed to boost a 10-pound payload to 25,000 feet for competition in the Educational Sounding Rocket Association's Intercollegiate Rocket Engineering Competition's Advanced category.  Building off the successes and failures of 2010-2011's Caution: Mythical project, AJAKS features an internal structure and a revamped stage separation system.  AJAKS is currently being designed and tested--including building a smaller model, AJAKS-MINI.  The AJAKS project introduced and set the stage for many process capabilities in materials, construction, and wiring, as well as integration and testing--all valuable skills for the club and its future engineers!


utah launch june 2012