Sponsors and Support

CPSS would like to thank the following companies:

Lockheed Martin Space Systems for funding our 60,000ft Rocket Project with monetary support and engineering suggestions.



Boeing for funding our 60,000ft Rocket Project with an interdisciplinary engineering grant.


Material for donating a license of CADWind V9.0, allowing us to program a 14ft. filament winding machine.


Entec (formerly CMC) for helping us restore the 14ft. filament winding machine, previously mentioned.


TenCate for contributing a large amount of carbon fiber plates allowing us to build stronger structures.


Applied Aerospace Structures Crop. for donating a large amount of high strength epoxies and composite materials.


Ellsworth Adhesives for donatiing a large amount of potting compounds and silicon adhesives.


Friends of Amateur Rocketry for giving us advice and allowing us use of the Mojave facilities.


RATTworks for donating an ARRD and advice.



Please note this site was last updated on June 22, 2013.